Neck & shoulders’ tensions?


I don’t know you but i and some of my friends have very often those tensions in neck and shoulders. That’s because of our habits with the computer, the phone. We don’t realize getting a bad posture and it causes stresses.

So I tried something that really relieves the body and it also works for my friends. It’s the relaxation yoga. I’m practicing it sometimes when it’s painful. Precisely I do the videos of Cole Chance on Youtube and it’s very easy. You do when you want because it’s at home and you have several videos, 15 minutes, 20 or 30 minutes. That is nice because you know that it won’t take too long. Plus you can mix a video of 30 minutes + a video of 15 minutes if you need.



It blooms soon


Do you like flowers as a print? This season it’s plenty of that. Let’s not doing too much with flowers because you don’t want to look like a hippie living in the wrong decades. The thing is to find the right balance, to combine with neutral colours and to not appear over disguised but to pretend that it fits you naturally.  🙂


Fine Lingerie


I’ve always appreciated fine lingerie with lace, delicate, very simple design, not compact and light. I mean not with padding … i don’t like pretending having boobs.

In Paris, there is not a huge choice about the ones i like at an affordable price. These are my favourite pieces i’d like to introduce you. I had a crush on & Other Stories and Girls in Paris lingerie.

& Other Stories: i check sometimes if there are new ones i like. I suggest you to try at store before ordering anything online because the size is really variable from an item to another.

Girls In Paris, a lovely brand that tries to give something new to la parisienne lingerie. It’s for me a mix of california trend to the nowadays french girls. I’m really looking for this kind of style. I bought the Charlie model here. it’s sold in set of 2. You have several choice of colours black/white, Blak/Deep blue, Black/Nude etc. The panties size small so i suggest you to take a size larger. I usually wear 36 but i ordered a 38/40 and it fits OK.

Pictures from Girls In Paris instagram

I’d also like to introduce you if you don’t know yet these oversea brands: Gooseberry Intimates and For Love and Lemons. I think it gives a new perspective to the lingerie. It’s a particular design still sophisticated, very unique and sexy. I haven’t ordered anything because it’s more expensive than what i showed you above. Plus, as i live in Paris, the shipping fees are not very interesting and i don’t really know what size to take (S or XS). I’ll keep you in touch when i’ll buy something on it.

Pictures are from instagrams of Gooseberry & For Love And Lemons.


Shop my closet


Currently I started sorting through my clothes because i want to begin the new year with things i do really need. You may already have experienced these situations where you’re looking for a t-shirt, a pant but you can’t find it because there are too many clothes inside your closet. And you and me do know the fact that we only use 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.

So I started to upload some of my clothes and i only sell in France. If you live in other countries and you really are interesting in one of my items, don’t hesitate contact me and i’ll estimate delivery cost for your country.

The next days i’m going to upload other clothes so keep tuned. Below, a few items in the section shop my closet.



Current material trends


This season velvet is the new black. It’s adding a new definition to the outfit and undoubtly gives you something elegant & chic. However i don’t like wearing velvet clothings because the velvet is not smooth to the touch and it captures easily the dust. Plus, i have long and lots of hair which get electrified in winter and this kind of material makes my hair messy. Last point, there are specific instructions for cleaning. Good Luck ! 🙂 Yes I do like the practical side.

Lace x Sequins x Shiny materials

It’s an annual rendez vous for lace & sequins especially for end of year parties. Shiny materials are something really new this season and have been declined in several textures and colors (metallic, vinyl, shiny, sparkles, glitter). About sequins, I’m personnally not a huge fan because it damages your other clothings and you can lost easily some sequins.


I don’t know how it has been introduced this year but it’s not my kind of taste. It reminds me so much Carry Bradshow tutu in Sex and the City. You can notice this season is the trend of ballerina style (ballet flats, tulle skirts).

And you, do you like these new materials? what do you think?


(pictures are from & Other Stories, Mango, Pull & Bear, Rouje, Zara)

Reconnect with myself

The day before yesterday was my last day at work. I decided to leave my job because i got bored of it and felt that i was getting this syndrom of burn-out. The situation of the company and its new non ethical business model, the mismanagement of employees with a social division between managers and the others, and the low wage made me finally take this decision. However it has not always been like this as i ‘ve worked for more than half and 3 years in all. The change of leadership at high level and the reorganization made all the difference and here was in the bad way.

Today I feel this freedom and also that fear of unknown. Everybody knows how it’s not easy to find a job – digital marketing – in Paris and how think parisians recruiters, « formated mind » they are – I don’t know if this word exists but it’s the one that sounds the most accurate. Plus what do i really want in life? I don’t think that people working today really enjoy their work. It’s more a question of money than passion, fun.

Not long ago I dreamt of something puzzling which made me think about this decision i took. I was on the top of a high cliff standing in front of the emptiness and the sea at the horizon. It was the sunset. I jumped into the void. At that moment, i should have waked myself up because it’s always ended like that but not that time. I saw myself standing on the beach safe without any injuries. I woke up confusing. I meditated on this dream because it reflected – for sure – my mind state.

Now it’s Christmas time. I want to enjoy this moment and begin to make a personal review because with the work, i haven’t got any time to think of myself and kind of forgot what i am and what i want in life. I thought it could be interesting to start a blog again and share you my crushes, opinions about subjects, photos, activities .. everything and nothing. Life.