Reconnect with myself

The day before yesterday was my last day at work. I decided to leave my job because i got bored of it and felt that i was getting this syndrom of burn-out. The situation of the company and its new non ethical business model, the mismanagement of employees with a social division between managers and the others, and the low wage made me finally take this decision. However it has not always been like this as i ‘ve worked for more than half and 3 years in all. The change of leadership at high level and the reorganization made all the difference and here was in the bad way.

Today I feel this freedom and also that fear of unknown. Everybody knows how it’s not easy to find a job – digital marketing – in Paris and how think parisians recruiters, « formated mind » they are – I don’t know if this word exists but it’s the one that sounds the most accurate. Plus what do i really want in life? I don’t think that people working today really enjoy their work. It’s more a question of money than passion, fun.

Not long ago I dreamt of something puzzling which made me think about this decision i took. I was on the top of a high cliff standing in front of the emptiness and the sea at the horizon. It was the sunset. I jumped into the void. At that moment, i should have waked myself up because it’s always ended like that but not that time. I saw myself standing on the beach safe without any injuries. I woke up confusing. I meditated on this dream because it reflected – for sure – my mind state.

Now it’s Christmas time. I want to enjoy this moment and begin to make a personal review because with the work, i haven’t got any time to think of myself and kind of forgot what i am and what i want in life. I thought it could be interesting to start a blog again and share you my crushes, opinions about subjects, photos, activities .. everything and nothing. Life.



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